Breezy Oak Villa Delivered

Breezy Oak Villa Delivered

As serial villa-renters we were already sold on the benefits of a villa over hotel rooms. But finding the right villa can be a gamble, with reality not always matching the website promises. I’ve found the owner is usually key to a good villa experience…

This year as usual we wanted an easy drive to Disney, along with privacy around the pool. The privacy bit is not an easy find. Breezy Oak delivered. It also delivered my other needs for a villa; namely a good nights sleep in the quiet, and (importantly) adjustable air conditioning.

Location; 20 mins to MK T&TC via I4 to make ropedrop, or up Old Lake Wilson Rd to the quieter back entry via Sherbeth Rd to AK. 1000 Oaks community avoids the stop-go US192 and also gives the Lake Wilson option to avoid I4 at busy times.
Sleep; beds are hotel quality comfortable.
Peaceful; genuinely not overlooked, being tucked away on a far corner plot at the end of long drive and backing onto Florida forest.

Breezy Oak was also a villa with a difference. It had personality. Some rentals can be beige & bare, without any homely touches. This villa has been styled and is clearly loved and pampered by the owners. The equipment is quality and modern. Its technology had aspects borrowed from Disney’s Future World, or more probably from the owner’s day job. Certainly it was our first villa with a controlled electronic door lock rather than old fashioned key boxes or even keypads with a never changing code.

However, the ultimate measure of a rental is how it responds to problems. Breezy Oak gains a 5* rating for that. I needed to contact the owner urgently and he was available as promised & responded immediately from Canada. He was also able to solve a noise issue remotely from Canada! (I’m obsessional for night quiet.) So cool.

An unexpected bonus was Robert’s suggestion as a Disney fan to visit the Enchanted Tales with Belle at Magic Kingdom for its clever mirror to door transition. It was impressive, and the experience itself was old-style Disney.

To benefit fully from the villa, do read all the info on the website and in the mailings. It is detailed and accurate and prepares you for every aspect of your stay.

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