Comparison to a Hotel

Still unsure if a vacation rental is right for you? Check out these comparisons between a vacation rental and a typical hotel room that holds a maximum of four people!

  • The average price of a hotel room in Orlando in 2015 was $167 plus tax.

    (Source: Orlando Tourism & Convention Bureau)

    A Typical Hotel Room

    Breezy Oak Villa

    What are you getting for your money?

    Floor Plans are to Scale.

    The hotel room will fit INSIDE the POOL at Breezy Oak Villa!

    Room to Relax

    A Restful Sleep

    Care for a swim?

    The Pool at Disney’s All-Star Sports Value Resort

    The Pool at Breezy Oak Villa

    Ever checked in at a large Orlando Resort?

    Have fun standing in line!

    Or you could instead already be on your way to the fun!

  • Comparison of a Villa to a Hotel Room

    Feature: A Hotel Your Villa
    Master Bedroom: Yes Yes
    Master Bath: Yes Yes
    Comfortably Sleeps: 2 8
    Living Area: Full Living Room Table
    Kitchen: Expensive Mini-Bar Full size, fully equipped
    Food: Expensive, Restricted Hours Your choice
    Additional Bedrooms: None, or two-four times the cost Three
    Additional Bathroom: None, or two to four times the cost One
    Pool: Public, at what distance? Private, just steps away
    Pool Hours: Restricted Always Open
    Parking: At a Distance At Your Doorstep
    Games Room: Bring quarters Free, just steps away
    Laundry: At a distance, expensive Free, full size
    Check in/out: Time consuming Automatic
    Noise: Other guests, children, housekeeping Only your own
    Security: Staff access your room & belongings Private Home
    Rate: Pricey Reasonable
    Value: Questionable Outstanding!