How to have a great Orlando theme park vacation: Lessons learned – Down time and how sweet it is!

I realize that what I am about to write here will sound like simple self promotion, but I would tell you the exact same thing before we purchased our home in Florida, because some of what I am going to explain is one of the reasons why we purchased our home in

How to have a great Orlando theme park vacation: Lessons learned – How much time you need

I often get asked how much time is needed to take in the theme parks and other activities in Orlando.  Here, in question and answer form taken from actual communications with guests, is how much time I recommend for the major attractions. (There are lots of other great things to see

The number one way to save money on an Orlando/Disney vacation!

I often get asked about how to save money on a trip to Disney World, and for good reason.  It is an expensive undertaking, no matter how you look at it.  Airfare, park tickets and other attractions, accommodations, food and dining, spending money and souvenirs; these can all add up

Staying in a vacation rental ‘off-site’ vs. staying ‘on-site’ at a Disney World Resort: Part 1 – What happens to the ‘magic’?

I received the following question from a prospective guest a few weeks ago.  It covers a lot of ground and turns over a lot of worms!  Her question: “I’m curious about one thing, most families go and stay on property with Disney (we did our first time too) and claim

Tips for Getting the Most from Disney’s FastPass+ Service

Disney’s FastPass+ Service can make your park experience better.  Here are a few veteran tips to make the best use of it. Book your reservations early, as soon as your reservation window opens (30 days in advance of your first day in the park). This gives you the best chance

Disney’s MagicBands

WHAT ARE MAGICBANDS? MagicBands are rubber bracelets that contain an embedded RFID (radio frequency identification) chip and function similarly to physical park tickets. (Physical park tickets are plastic cards similar to credit cards that contain a RFID chip). You don’t have to have a MagicBand to enjoy a Disney park

Skip the lines with Disney’s FastPass+ Service

Disney’s FastPass+ Service is designed to take away some of the pain of waiting in theme park lines   Disney’s FastPass+ service allows you to book advance reservations for experiences and attractions in the theme parks at the Walt Disney World® Resort. FastPass+ fully launched in 2014, and the service