Christmas Decorating for your Villa!

Occasionally guests who will be staying over the  Christmas season ask us about seasonal decorating. This is not something that we have ‘traditionally’ done at our vacation rental properties. Now before you declare us the ‘Grinch’ who stole Christmas, please understand two things: We LOVE Christmas Decorations! We go CRAZY

Breezy Oak Villa vs. Pleasant Oak Villa: What’s the difference?

If you have seen both of our properties, and are wondering what the differences are between them, this information is for you. Talking about the differences between the two is a bit strange – because in truth, they are far more alike than they are different. So what do they

The number one way to save money on an Orlando/Disney vacation!

I often get asked about how to save money on a trip to Disney World, and for good reason.  It is an expensive undertaking, no matter how you look at it.  Airfare, park tickets and other attractions, accommodations, food and dining, spending money and souvenirs; these can all add up

Staying in a vacation rental ‘off-site’ vs. staying ‘on-site’ at a Disney World Resort: Part 1 – What happens to the ‘magic’?

I received the following question from a prospective guest a few weeks ago.  It covers a lot of ground and turns over a lot of worms!  Her question: “I’m curious about one thing, most families go and stay on property with Disney (we did our first time too) and claim