While close to prime attractions and major highways, Breezy Oak is situated in a quiet neighbourhood at the end of a cul-de-sac, making for a wonderfully private retreat.  You will be able to enjoy your family time together, and the private pool area, without interruption, noisy neighbours or prying eyes.

This makes our villa the perfect venue for families to safely enjoy their holiday together, couples and honeymooners searching for a secluded romantic hideaway, and those who prefer to escape the commotion, thin walls and insecurity of a noisy hotel.

Why your Location makes the difference...

Over the years, a number of communities have been build by developers in the Orlando area.  Unfortunately, their goal was often simply to maximize the profit from the development, not to ensure the quality of the lifestyle it provides over the long term.  Many of these developments feature homes built practically right on top of each other, and as a result, your privacy suffers when living or staying in them.

No one wants to feel like they are in a fish bowl when on vacation, and many people are not comfortable in public swimming areas.  You may not want to see (or be seen by!) your neighbours while on vacation!

Breezy Oak Villa is
uniquely private due to

the community it is located in, and where within that community it is.
Privacy like this in
any type of accommodation
is extremely rare!

Our beautiful villa, and its private setting in the picturesque Thousand Oaks Conservation Area, assure your total comfort.

Whether you value the security of others or your own, your privacy is assured at Breezy Oak Villa!

Typical vacation rental community layout.

Homes as close as they can possibly be.

Pool upon pool with no privacy in between.

Thousand Oaks from above.

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