Central Florida is a large area, with a confusing network of highways and toll roads that seem to stop and start in the strangest places.  Add to this thousands of drivers unfamiliar with the area and it becomes quickly apparent that saving driving time and hassle can have a significant impact on the enjoyment of your vacation.  Breezy Oak Villa is ideally suited to be the perfect home base for your best Florida vacation ever!

How close is your villa to Walt Disney World?  The house is located directly south of the Disney resort.  The parking lot of the Magic Kingdom theme park, located at the north end of the Disney property, can be reached in under 15 minutes from the villa’s driveway, with only two traffic lights and an enjoyable drive in between!  On the way you’ll pass Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and other Disney World attractions.  The rest of Orlando, Kissimmee, and Florida await your discovery close by!

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Orlando’s wonderful weather is a big attraction for millions of visitors every year. It’s always summer!

Summer months are hot and humid, with frequent but brief cooling afternoon showers, and winter months are warm and dry.  Bring your bathing suit, sunglasses and sun tan lotion - all year long!

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