Discerning travelers are increasingly looking to villa rentals for their vacations because villas offer many advantages that you won’t find at a hotel or resort. Simply put, a villa rental is definitely the ultimate private vacation experience.

Here are the top reasons why a villa rental is the perfect choice for your next vacation:


About Renting a Villa:

Convenience - Check-ins, check-outs, waiting in line, parking, hauling luggage up and down stairs or in and out of elevators... a villa is simply more convenient than a hotel!

Privacy - Secluded and intimate, villas are the perfect retreat. Far from the crowds, you’ll be able to relax in peace and solitude or enjoy the company of your family and friends in a comfortable gathering space. Villas simply offer a more private and relaxing vacation experience.

Easier for Groups - Villas accommodate larger groups and families better than hotels.

Economy - When split among an extended family, a villa rental is far more economical than multiple hotel rooms.

Avoid Crowds - You don’t have to share your pool, the grounds, parking, etc.

Dietary - With a villa or you can do your own cooking and control your ingredients and food quality.

Security & Privacy - No one is entering your rooms while you are out during the day.

Local Experience -   A private residence gives you a better feel for the unique features of an area than a hotel or resort.

No Crowding - Cooping up a family, especially with teens or relatives, in a small, cramped hotel room can stress even the best relationships.

Space - There is more room at a villa and everyone will be more comfortable!

Family Safety - It is far easier to keep tabs on children in a villa then at a hotel or resort.

Independence - Come and go, eat, sleep, swim, just as and when it suits you. You are not tied to strict meal times, or pool hours, and that means you can start and finish your day whenever you please.

Dining Freedom - Avail yourself of the many family restaurants in the area. Or why not order take-out from the many local outlets?

Relaxation - You'll appreciate the comfort and informality you can only experience in your private home.

Food Savings - You'll be surprised at the low cost of food when you bypass the tourist traps and pay the same prices as locals do!

Enhanced Experience - Unlike hotels, villas are not just a place to sleep – villas are part of your vacation experience. If you want, a villa can immerse you in the culture of your chosen destination and help you experience everyday life.  When you choose a villa rental for your vacation, every moment is a memorable one.

Service - Our local property manager is available to your through a 24-hour emergency hotline.

Ultimate Comfort - When you’re on vacation, a villa is your home away from home. Cook up your own dishes in your kitchen, soak in your private pool, or simply enjoy the view from your chaise on the terrace. Use the villa as a base from which you can explore Florida. Invite your friends for refreshments around the pool. And for special occasions or corporate retreats, a villa provides all the necessary amenities and a lavish environment.

No Incidentals - When you rent a villa you can expect to save between $50 and $80 per day, compared to staying at a hotel where all "extras" (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks, laundry, telephone, fax and tips) can easily double or triple your bill. Taking all of the extra expense of staying at a hotel into account, the "luxury" of renting a private villa turns out to be not only more comfortable and relaxing, but much cheaper too!

Superior Value - For the same price as one bedroom and a bathroom per night at a hotel
(plus extra charges per person), you can have a bedroom and a bathroom...
plus another bathroom,
plus three more bedrooms,
plus a kitchen and a dining room,
plus a living room,
plus a games room,
plus free parking at your door,
plus a no-charge laundry...
(shall we go on?)

Okay, so you’re convinced that a vacation rental villa is the way to go.  What makes Breezy Oak Villa your best choice? Find out on our Advantages page, but in a nutshell:
Superior Value, Incredible Privacy, Convenient Location, Not too Big, Not too Small, Not too Fancy, Not too Cheap, Quality Local Management and Assistance if needed, PLUS...

Your fabulous hosts!  We look forward to sharing our insider knowledge of the area, and how to have the best central Florida vacation possible!

Still unsure if a vacation rental is right for you? Check out a comparison between a vacation rental and a typical hotel room.

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A vacation rental villa is a great way to save money on a Disney Vacation. Visit our special page featuring more ways to stretch your vacation budget in Central Florida.

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