Grand Oak (Villa X 2)

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Two Fabulous 4/2 Pool Homes, 2 Blocks Apart! Perfect For Extended Family Fun!

For larger groups, why not rent both Breezy Oak and Pleasant Oak villas together?

Have a large group? Why drive yourself crazy jamming yourself all into one property? Rent our TWO beautiful vacation rental homes, located just two blocks from each other. They are a five minute walk apart, a 45 second drive from each other, and a 15 minute drive from Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

With both of these homes rented together, you’ll have:
– 10 Televisions (5 Cable Hook-ups, 2 Video Game Consoles, 1 Home Theater System, 3 DVD Players, 1 VCR, 6 Blue-Ray Players with Internet Access)
You are going to travel all the way to Orlando to sit in front of the TV, aren’t you?
– 8 Bedrooms (Sleeping for 16!)
– 4 Bathrooms
– 2 Living Rooms
– 2 Kitchens
– 2 Dining Areas
– 2 Swimming Pools !!
– 2 Games Rooms (2 Slate Pool Tables, 1 Air Hockey, 1 Dual Basketball, 1 Foosball)
– 2 Laundries
– 2 Driveways (Off-street parking for 5 vehicles!)
– 2 Full-Size BBQs
and TOO MUCH peace and quiet, as you don’t jam too many people into a single home!

Oh… yes! You’ll also save way too much money over the cost of renting one of those over sized mansions you’ve been looking at in order to accommodate your group.

Think about it! There are many joys in traveling with a big group or extended family, but you can also sometimes be TOO close together, with TOO many people right at hand, and TOO much commotion! That doesn’t make for a very peaceful holiday, does it?

You may love uncle Fred, but do you really want to be cooped up in the same house with him and his digestive issues for two weeks? You may as well just say good-bye to one of the bathrooms you thought you had rented.

And what about your crazy sister-in-law? You know the one I’m talking about! After four days in Orlando with her and that weird cooking… eeeuwwwwh! You’ll be just about ready to pull the plug on EVER doing an extended family vacation again! And let’s not get started on the inlaws, or your dad’s new trophy wife!

And best of all? You don’t have to EVER show them this vacation rental listing (and those sad but true comments above) because you can just refer them to our regular listings here on this site (the numbers are shown below), and tell them that it was YOU who came up with the brilliant idea of renting two different nearby houses for your whole group! And thereby saving everyone’s sanity! You’ll be a hero!!

You are so smart!! And do you know that many people not nearly as good looking or smart as you have stayed in these terrific homes? Be honest, you deserve a great place to stay, just for taking on the task of trying to find accommodations for everybody!

Are the houses any good? You betcha! We’ve been renting our Florida vacation homes for almost seven years now, and in that time we have collected over 110 five-star reviews! (We’ve also collected a few less than stellar ones from some really grouchy people who love to complain about nothing, but we don’t talk about those much!) We HAVE had guests stay multiple times with us, and even stay at BOTH of our properties, so they have been able to give honest critiques and comparisons between the two, but I digress. The houses are great. Check out the individual properties to find out more. What else do you need?

Close to Disney? Yup! Actually, our houses are located in a beautiful conservation subdivision with lots of natural forest and a true, natural lake at its center! This is NOT just a developer’s drainage dugout… (“Hey Joe, we got ta dig a hole to keep the homes we’re building from flooding when it rains!” “D’okay, put it over there, and call it a lake in the brochure. Charge the homes that back onto it 50% more and call it a premium location. Just don’t mention the mosquitoes and alligators!” “Got it!”)

This subdivision is actually located (as the crow flies) TWO miles south of the southern edge of the Disney World Resort Property! Now, all of the theme parks and most of the hotels were built on the Northern half of the property, and Disney’s town of Celebration was built in the lower half, but leaving the villa, you can get in your car and be at the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom, at the far north end of the property, in just under fifteen minutes. That is faster than many people staying at a Disney resort can get there! Sea World is about 20 minutes, and Universal Studios 25 minutes. LegoLand is 30 minutes in the opposite direction. The point is, you are smack dab in the middle of everything, but tucked off the beaten path enough to be out of the tourist zone, and in a very safe, quiet, restful natural area that you will simply love. Peace and quiet, no noise or lights, but if you listen at the right time, you can still hear the fireworks going off at Epcot. The perfect balance of not too close and not too far. Goldilocks would love these places!

The villas are equipped like nobody’s business. We want our guests to ENJOY our properties, not feel like they have to get out of them just to eat because there’s only a single pot and a frying pan to cook with, and half a dish per person.

I could go on… and I usually do. But why not save us both some time, and just click on over to our property detail pages and read about these beauties there? Just use the buttons below.

So go on… take a look, and then send us an inquiry for your dates. We’ll rush a custom quote right back to you, with a little bit of extra info on the properties. You’ll have everything you need to conveniently book both properties together online using your favorite Credit Card, or you can pay by check or bank transfer, and we also accept PayPal, which is just about the best and most secure way to pay for anything online.

Feel free to click that Get a Quote button below and send me a message! I love helping guests, and even those who are just asking questions at this stage! Go on! You know you want too…

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